Laois Hire has a long history working with Ireland's Rail Network, having supplied Plant & Equipment nationwide, to service new construction, re-laying, bridge construction, bridge and overpass strengthening and much more.
We have a dedicated Laois Hire Rail Team who focuses all their time and efforts on serving the rail industry, from taking orders and off-hiring equipment to providing technical advice. 

See below just some of the products available to professionals in the rail industry:

Cutting & Grinding
All types of Rail Grinders, Rail De-Scaler Machine, Scrubber & Rail Saw

Sleeper Drill, Rail Drill Box, Stihl Drill, Support Trolley, Petrol Rail Drill, Bond Drills, Magnetic Broacher

Stressing, Straightening & Adjustments
Rail Creep Adjuster, Rail Joint Adjuster Device, Rail Bender, HSMO Stressor, Twin Hyd Power Pack,  PCM-2P Operators, E-Clip Side Roller & Under Roller

Lifting & Handling
Permaquip Ironman, Rail Scooter, Rail Link Trolley, Type A & B Rail Trolley, Permaskate, Cable Dispenser, Cable Drum Screw Jack, Bowmac Lifter, Pandrol Lifting Chains & Hook, Sleeper Lift Beam, Fast Clip Sleeper Lifter, Extractor Tools & Installation, Duff Norton Jack

Petrol Welders, Welding Parallel Box, 165amp Weldbaby, Miller Wire Feed, Rail Weld Shear, Needle Scaler, Electro Crack Magnet, Rod Oven, Elephant Shelter

Electric & Petrol Impact Wrench’s

Compaction & Tamping
Taper Cobra TT Breaker, Vibration Damped Breaker, Reversible Wacker Plates, Remote Control Wacker Plates, Vibrating Plates

Lighting & Power
4 Head Metal Halide Lighting Tower, Rechargeable Worklight, Rechargeable Lantern, Halogen Floodlights, Low Level Link Lights, Trolley Light Twin Head Floodlight, Halide Lights, Generators

Vegetation Management
One Handed Chain Saw, 18” Chainsaw, 15” Chainsaw, Combi Saw Eng Km 130R, Polesaw, Petrol Hedge Trimmer, Long Handle Hedge Trimmer, Petrol Shedder, Brushcutter and Harness, Sprayer

Warning, Safety & Survey
Audible Warning Device, Vortok Safety Barrier System, EROS Board Large, Marker Board (MCE-1401), Possession Limit Board, Cable & Pipe Locators, Precision Locators & Transmitters

Laois Hire Rail Division operates to the highest standards of Health & Safety, holding accreditations to deliver rail side.  Our Training Division also provides rail specific training programmes to ensure your workforce is equipped with all the knowledge they need.  

For any advice or technical assistance, contact our Rail Division Project Team

Hugh O Leary, Area Manager +353 57 8645033 
Darran Hutchinson, Regional General Manager + 353 87 9286148 
Damien Delaney, Regional Sales & Technical Rep + 353 87 9838179      






*picture on Header used courtesy of Brian Conneely and Co.Ltd